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Sell your Panties Girls!!! 300 $ easily

Elizabeth, 28
I’m an accountant in everyday life and I love my job. I’m okay with my salary, too. What most people don’t know is that I have a lucrative sideline. I sell my worn panties to men willing to pay for them. And I totally love it!

I’ve always been a rather open-minded girl. Seriously, why not sell your worn clothes? It’s honest work and you get paid perfectly fine for your time and effort. I started a year ago and began with a pair of socks, that wasn’t too filthy for the beginning. Soon I was earning quite a lot of money and decided to give panties a try. I didn’t feel odd with it at all, I actually finally had a real reason to by sexy underwear and other hot stuff. Sure, the more you invest, the more you earn, and that gave me a really good feeling. Falling for women’s scents isn’t an everyday kink, but wouldn’t it make you feel like a desirable woman to know men even pay for yours? Seriously, ladies?

I told my boyfriend about it when I got my first payment. He was a bit disappointed I hadn’t said a word about it earlier, but I wanted to try it out for myself beforehand. As I had expected, he was skeptical and wondered what these guys did with my worn clothes. Well, okay. That’s rather obvious, you’ll have to live with that if you want to earn money on websites like this. I suggested he could watch me next time I was online, and so he did. He soon realized it wasn’t as erotic as he thought: After all, all I do is offer my worn clothes for a set price, and then customers come to me and negotiate. We agree on a price, I wear the piece of clothing for a day or two, and then I put it in an envelope or parcel and send it to my customers. At the end of the month I get paid, as with a regular job.

Try it out, girls, it’s worth it. I invest an hour a day and earn about 300€ monthly on that website. And, guess what. My boyfriend finds my job rather cool meanwhile. It finally motivates me to buy some more sexy underwear, and what man wouldn’t want to see his girlfriend in that?

Dirty Knickers – not only Fetish

Anna, 32
My ex boyfriend was a bit odd, to be absolutely honest. He had a fetish or two, and so he kept asking me to leave my worn underwear at his place every now and then. One day I asked him what he did with it. Well: He simply enjoyed my scent. Later on, I found out that it wasn’t only my scent he loved, and so we broke up.

I wanted to know who those women were, but when I saw the website I couldn’t be angry with them. All they were doing was selling worn panties and other worn clothes. Being single at the time, I decided I’d give it a try and earn a little money alongside. The first pair of panties I offered were sold within a few short hours, and so I soon ended up offering the next pair, and the next – and so on. It didn’t feel quite right to be at the beginning, but then I got used to it and got comfortable with the idea. I knew from my ex boyfriend what those men probably did with my clothes, and so I was prepared and knew full well what I was doing. That was important to me.

A short while after, I met a really nice man and we ended up being a couple. I told him what I was doing right at the beginning… As I had expected, he wasn’t cool with the idea at all. So we decided to let him watch me for a few hours, and that changed it all. He realized that no one would ever know who I was, no one would ever meet me or anything. It took a while for him to get comfortable with the thought, but he loves me and knows I wouldn’t ever cheat on him – he’s doing fine now.

I spend no less than an hour a day online. After all, I have a full-time job and a boyfriend. That’s enough for me to earn 400€ per month, though. I usually spend the money for new underwear and little luxuries I couldn’t afford otherwise. Ladies, don’t rely on men to buy you what you want – do it yourself. It’s worth it!

Easy made money…

Fiona, 21
I was totally horrified when I found my boyfriend on this kinky website two years ago. It was meant for women who were willing to sell worn underwear and other clothes to men. Can you imagine my face when he seriously suggested I should give it a try, too? I didn’t speak to him for days.

And in a quiet moment I actually visited the site myself. Okay, it looked like an easy way to earn money quick, and to be honest I did have a few expensive wishes at the time. As we were living together and had a shared bank account, we arranged that he’d never spend money I had earned on this site. Sorry, but I didn’t want him to be earning anything with my worn underwear, that would have felt utterly wrong. He was cool with it, so we gave it a try with a sexy pair of panties. I had bought them especially for this site, and guess what. It worked. Immediately. A while later I got my money and bought myself a new pair of panties. No need to tell you what I did with them, huh?

I was a bit uptight at the time, but since I sell my worn panties I’m more broad-minded. My boyfriend is still okay with what I’m doing. I already have a well-paid full-time job and don’t really need the money, selling worn panties is more of a hobby to me. But I enjoy it. It makes me feel adorable, not only to my boyfriend but also to other men. Just don’t start wondering what your customers do with your clothes and you’ll be fine, I guess. I’d recommend you give it a try even if it feels a bit odd to you at the beginning. You’ll be surprised, it’ll be like any other job to you sooner or later. And who knows, maybe you’ll start enjoying it.

Dirty Underwear – an easy buisness also for my age!

Annabelle, 42
Let’s face it, I’m not necessarily young. I made the mistake of marrying young and getting children early on. Well, my husband left me a few years ago and I needed a job, as I hadn’t been working in the years before and didn’t want to apply for benefits. I worked as a saleswoman in a clothes shop, but it didn’t make me happy at all. It was stress, I had the two kids on my hands and I wasn’t earning that much money.

I started dating after about a year, and one evening I met a man who was a little strange, admittedly… Early on, he told me he enjoyed the scent of women. I didn’t understand a word, and so he showed me a website for women who were willing to sell their underwear and other worn clothes. I thought I’d got off at the wrong station at first and ran for it.

But then I started thinking about it. It wasn’t all about underwear, after all, I had seen socks for sale as well. I took a look at it, and a few weeks later I tried to sell a pair of my own socks. That wasn’t too weird, after all. Believe it or not, I found a customer within the first few hours and soon received my money. It actually even made fun and made me feel like an adorable woman, as funny as it may sound. After a few months of selling worn socks, I decided I’d give it a try and bought a really nice pair of panties to sell. I got rid of them even faster and for even more money. This was the right job for me.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there’s work to be done even for women as old as me via these websites. Some men prefer slightly older women, I’ve even seen really old ladies there. I invest several hours daily and was able to give up my part-time job in that clothes store after a while. Reckon with earning a little less than I do, it won’t be quite enough for a living… that’s if you don’t want to invest several hours a day. My ex husband pays for our two kids, but my “salary” is enough for my needs for sure. If you aren’t utterly uptight, give it a try. I really enjoy selling worn clothes meanwhile, it isn’t a filthy job at all and no one will ever know who you are. It’s safe and you earn more money than you’d think, believe me.

I love this job:)

Suzanna, 19
I didn’t ever expect money would be such an issue when I started studying last year. Well, I soon realized I needed more money than I had – and so I decided I’d go look for a job to do alongside university. I wanted something that didn’t take much time and wasn’t huge effort, but that wasn’t easy to find. All offers I found weren’t what I was looking for, so I began using the Internet and soon discovered the website with my profile on selling worn underwear to men. Sounded interesting.

I enjoy chatting and do a lot of work at the computer anyway, so it wasn’t difficult at all for me to sell my first panties. I found it really odd at first, I was only eighteen and wondered what the men did with my underwear – and how old they were. But then I got my first payment and stopped caring, it was worth it. I’ve been selling worn underwear for over a year meanwhile and spend about 2 hours daily on the Internet negotiating prices and finding new customers.

And guess what, ladies: My sideline motivated me to buy more sexy underwear than I did before. I’ve always loved nice panties, but I never really had a reason to go shopping for them in the past. I must admit that I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while now, but I wouldn’t want to stop for him. After all, it isn’t filthy work. No one knows who I really am and they could never find out, I wouldn’t ever have to meet my customers in person, so I can’t imagine where his problems would be. In fact, it makes me a little proud that there are men out there who love my scent so much they pay real money for it…

I am selling my Underwear now

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much fun my new hobby is. And what’s best about it: I even earn money doing so. Do you want to know how to earn 400€ per month easily, provided you’re a woman? Without having to leave the house each day at the same time and having to do whatever the boss demands?

Actually, it’s simpler than it all sounds – I sell my worn panties. No, your eyes aren’t tricking you. There’s a huge market for worn underwear, you wouldn’t believe it till you see it. A friend of mine discovered it accidentally and told me about it straight away. All you do is spend 1.5 – 3 hrs online a day, sometimes more and sometimes less. It depends on what you feel like doing and how much money you want to earn. Then you go on the hunt for interested customers and negotiate with them on the price for your worn underwear. You might encounter customers who want different pieces of clothing, but at the end of the day it’s your decision what you want to sell – and what you won’t give away.

At first I thought it wouldn’t work out. But today I can tell you it’s the best sideline I can imagine. My boyfriend didn’t really like the idea at first, but meanwhile he’s all for it and we even integrate it into our sex life. I always find the odd customer or two who wants underwear worn right after sex. If you aren’t inhibited, then give it a try, ladies! After all, you’re earning money doing hardly anything for it!

I sell my used panties

Seriously, who hasn’t ever had financial problems? The month passed by and you’re left with a few pennies left in your purse. That’s what I experienced on a regular basis, before a good friend of mine came up with the idea of selling my used panties.

He was a bit embarrassed when he told me he enjoyed a woman’s very particular smell. But then he told me what he pays for that. We agreed that he would never buy my panties, and then he showed me the site where I now offer my worn underwear. I tried it immediately, and what shall I say… I wasn’t expecting such success.

I must admit: I do wear extremely sexy underwear. But meanwhile I’m earning approx. 700€ monthly by selling worn underwear to men. Okay, sometimes I don’t feel like doing much and then I earn 400€, but I also already managed as much as 850€. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to invest.

Make sure you have between one and three hours daily. After all, I keep having to debate about the prices with the customers, too. My husband didn’t like the idea at first, but then I showed him how anonymous the site is. No one will ever know who I really am, no one can find out. And since, he finds it okay. To be absolutely honest… I do find it flattering that there are men out there who find my scent so ravishing that they can’t get enough of it. We all have our special little talents, don’t we?

I sell worn panties

It isn’t that easy these days to earn money with two kids at home. Recently, however, I heard of a website for men looking for more or less erotic panties, lingerie, socks, and so on. I thought I’d take a look at least, I just couldn’t imagine you can earn money that way. If only I’d have known how easy it is… I guess I wouldn’t have hesitated for that long. Of course, I did feel a little funny at the beginning. I invented a whole new identity for myself and began to sell worn panties, corsages, nylon socks, and babydolls.

I soon realized that it didn’t even take me an hour a day to earn somewhat like 300€ per month on the side. So finally I ended up investing a little more time. What shall I say… Currently I’m earning something between 500 and 800€ per month, just by wearing panties on a daily basis. No one needs to know what I do for a living, and I can be sure I’m earning money even when I go to the playground with the kids. Now isn’t that a fair chance then? Sure, the first time felt really weird. I wondered what the guys were going to do with my underwear, but actually that’s not important at all.

I guess there’s hardly any other woman wearing as much underwear as I do – vocationally, that is! Meanwhile, I even sell a few more things, but that’s solely up to you. My husband was a bit astounded when he saw the bank statements with my first sales. He asked what filthy work I was doing, but I just let him watch. And meanwhile he gives me the odd new idea or two. In short, we both found an ideal sideline for me despite the kids.